Hire the right Fort Wayne DUI Attorney. The most critical decision that you will make for your DUI case will be who in Fort Wayne will represent you in court. DUI cases involve lots of science, technology, and even mathematics. A Fort Wayne DUI lawyer will understand each of these things and best represent you in the courtroom. When it comes to court, if you do not have an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Fort Wayne representing you, you are taking a significant risk.


Potential OWI Conviction Penalties

By receiving a driving vehicle while intoxicated conviction, penalties are assessed that create a hefty financial loss. A benefit of hiring an experienced Fort Wayne OWI attorney is that he or she will fight for your rights by seeking relief from all of the maximum penalties that are possible for your crime. Penalties that can be applied to you include:

When you hire a criminal defense attorney Fort Wayne, you will want to discuss the various options available to you and weigh them carefully. You should consult an attorney with the intention of dealing with a local Fort Wayne DUI attorney who deals with cases similar to yours. You should ask about their experience and the results of previous cases. A Fort Wayne DUI lawyer should discuss the potential penalties and what appeals may be available to you.

Expect an Effective and Strong Defense

The Fort Wayne DUI defense attorney that you choose should be able to effectively defend you against the local prosecution for driving under the influence of alcohol. Your attorney must be experienced with drunk-driving cases before. They should understand all of the complexities involved and have a clear understanding of the legal process.

DUI defense attorney

Your Attorney Represents You in Several Ways

The local Fort Wayne DUI attorney may represent you in several different ways. One of the most common ways that your local attorney would defend you is through a plea bargain. If you are guilty of a DUI charge, you might agree to enter a plea bargain in which you admit to having a drink. In exchange for this admission to the judge, you may receive less than the maximum penalties. The Fort Wayne OWI lawyer may also advise you of other options that may be available to you, such as the option of taking a pill that allows you to function while you are drinking. A Fort Wayne DUI defense lawyer would also advise you on whether or not a Breath, Impaired Field Sobriety Test (FST) is necessary.

An Arrest Means You Are Eligible for Legal Representation

Some people do not realize that you may be eligible for a defense attorney with a charged OWI violation in Indiana. An OWI defense attorney will work to protect you by fighting for the most severe penalties associated with your drunken driving conviction. Because the penalties associated with a DUI conviction can be very harsh, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced criminal attorney that knows how to navigate the criminal justice system to secure the best possible outcome for you and your case. If you were charged with OWI in Indiana and are considering a settlement, you should contact an attorney who has experience fighting cases like yours. They will be able to tell you whether a plea bargain or FST. is the right choice for you and can make the process as painless as possible.