Many defendants want their sentences to be reduced after being convicted. The family may find it difficult or impossible to continue the sentence.

How does Indiana sentence modification work?

It has been difficult for Indiana since the introduction of the “One year rule” to amend sentences. Any defendant sentenced after one (1) year must agree to allow the trial court to amend his sentence.

There are some cases where the Prosecutors might not agree to amend sentences for other reasons.

How do I file for a sentence change in Indiana?

Indiana’s legislature has repealed the “One Year Rule” effective July 1, 2014. A defendant can ask for a sentence modification without the need to consent to being tried.

A defendant can request a modification of their sentence after they have been sentenced.

Indiana Sentence Modifications subject To Limitations

Sentence modification can be subject to limits. If a plea agreement has not been reached, a court cannot modify a sentence.

The contract is binding on both the State of Indiana and the defendant. An experienced Indiana criminal defense lawyer can modify your sentence.

How do I change my sentence?

Inmates who have served a long time will feel more at ease with the new Indiana sentence modifications rules. Lipinski Law has more information about Indiana sentence modifications.