I got a DUI is my life over? There are many legal issues concerning DUI but the main question that is being asked is whether or not to do DUI ruins your life. Many people are not familiar with the term” DUIs “and they assume that it is synonymous to “DUI”. Unfortunately, many times the two words mean the same thing but in actuality, there are different types of DUI and there can be various consequences that come along with them depending on the type of DUI you got arrested for.

The most common DUI charge is a misdemeanor, which is defined as “willful and willful failure to obey a law of any government”. In short, this means that if you get caught doing anything beyond what is required by law you will get in trouble. If you do something other than violate the law and get yourself a criminal record, you will be charged with a felony and your driver’s license will be automatically suspended. In some cases, you could face jail time and in more severe cases, you could lose your driver’s license and have to pay high fines. The

In addition to charges, you may also receive various fines for violations. Many times, these fines can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars and it can cause financial problems for you and your family. The most severe penalties include suspension of your driver’s license and extensive court costs. Additionally, you may also lose your ability to own a vehicle, have your Social Security card taken off your driver’s license, be forced to take medication through a mandatory drug screen and be expelled from numerous schools. In some cases, the court can even suspend your driver’s license after a certain amount of time has gone by without any criminal charges being filed against you. These types of serious charges can make the DUI seem like a minor traffic offense. You may find yourself calling the towing Louisville KY car owners call if you are in an accident.

The biggest consequence that answer the question has a DUI ruined my life,  when you get arrested for a DUI is losing your freedom and having to spend the next couple years sitting in jail. This can have a huge impact on your personal life and future. You will not be able to get a promotion or find a new job that requires a driver’s license. You will not be able to rent an apartment, own a car or get another loan. Your family may have to suffer the financial consequences of your situation for years until you are fully recovered from your addiction and are able to get your life back on the right track.

If you decide to fight your charges and win, you should consult with an experienced Fort Wayne criminal defense attorney. They can explain the various defenses that are available to you and make sure that you have the best chances of winning your case. While this type of law is complex, there are many attorneys who specialize in defending people who have been charged with DUI and other criminal offenses. Because the penalties and consequences are so severe, you should do everything you can to protect your rights and get the treatment you need. The towing Indianapolis residents trust can be hard to find.

The first thing you should do is to discuss your case with a legal expert. They will evaluate your situation and recommend the best course of action. They can also represent you in court if you are too far behind your fines and back payments to meet the minimum requirements for an acceptable plea bargain. Getting legal representation can not only save you time and money but give you peace of mind while you move through the legal process of fighting your case. It can do wonders for your personal and professional life and help you to avoid doing any major damage to your record. There is a life after a DUI or OWI in Indiana. If you have been charged with a DUI or OWI in Indiana and need criminal defense, contact the team at H&T Legal Services to get representation as soon as possible.