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You are here because you are looking for an Indiana Expungement lawyer. You will probably be concerned about what a criminal conviction means for your future. Clearing criminal convictions can make it easier to move on in your life. A criminal history expungement in Indiana is a good way to forget past crimes.

D Turner Legal, an Indiana expungement lawyers, has extensive experience helping our clients get their records sealed to allow them to move forward in their lives. We have been successful in removing arrest records and helping clients obtain a DUI attorney in Fort Wayne. Call 317-721-47783 today to arrange an Indiana criminal record removal.

Indiana expungement lawyer


An arrest for a crime might have devastating consequences. Many people who have been held or are serving a sentence for a minor crime will find that future employers, schools, insurance agencies, and housing agencies will consider any criminal history a major barrier to entry. Even minor charges can affect your personal and even professional life. Therefore, it is important to get an Indiana expungement lawyer. It is possible to avoid:

  • Some employers require you to work
  • Get a Government Loan
  • Finding funding to pay for college and university
  • How to obtain favorable insurance rates


The Indiana Second Chance Law enables you to get your criminal records legally. An expungement is an opportunity given by the government to seal your criminal history. Criminal expungement makes your convictions virtually inaccessible for most organizations. In some instances, the government might still be able to access your record.

An expungement can make your record invisible to law enforcement officials and federal officials. According to Indiana law, employers are not allowed to use information about the sealed criminal record of a job applicant as a way of discrimination. Indiana’s Second Chance Law allows you to hire an Indiana expungement lawyer to clean your criminal record. The best Indiana law firm for all areas of law.


You can work with an Indiana expungement lawyer to help you seal your criminal records. A criminal expungement in Indiana is an opportunity for a second chance. This allows you to regain all your enjoyed rights before being arrested or even convicted. Find the best Indiana expungement attorneys to help you start a new chapter in your life.


An expungement does not mean the criminal record is erased from your records. The record is sealed, meaning it is not accessible to the public. An Indiana expungement lawyer is available to help seal your record. After your record has been sealed, you can legally and safely say that the crime never occurred. After the conviction is expunged, the conviction will no longer be disclosed on any job application or college application.

permanent expungement of a criminal record is allowed under the Indiana Second Chance Law. You could have your criminal records sealed permanently. This would allow you to lead a more peaceful life and enjoy a fresh start. We can discuss your criminal record and Indiana expungement with you. Call us as soon as possible.

Who Is Eligible For A Record Expungement In Indiana

Unfortunately, expungement is not available to everyone. An expungement is possible for various reasons. There are several situations in which expungement might be possible.

  • If an individual was taken into custody but not convicted
  • A conviction for a crime is when the conviction was overturned upon appeal.
  • A person is convicted for most misdemeanors.

As stated above, there may be situations where an individual is not eligible for expungement. A person who has a criminal history cannot have it expunged.

  • A conviction for violent crimes involving injury to another person
  • Sex crimes are when an individual is convicted.
  • When an individual is convicted of official misconduct

An Indiana expungement attorney can help determine if you have a misdemeanor, felony, or arrest that is eligible to be expunged under the Indiana Second Chance Law.

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